Rates & Reservations


Deluxe Room

Created with the exclusive purpose of indulging guests, our suite rooms exemplify a seamless fusion of luxurious accommodation and top-tier security. These rooms feature a sophisticated design coupled with refined elegance, offering sleek and sumptuously appointed living spaces. Tailored to cater to the distinct needs of our guests, our Suite Rooms provide an accommodation experience that transcends mere comfort, delivering an unparalleled blend of simplicity and opulence.

Single - Rs. 2000 || Double - Rs. 2500

Superior Room

Crafted to indulge our guests, the suite rooms epitomize a flawless fusion of luxurious accommodations and top-tier security. With an elegant design exuding refined sophistication, these rooms boast sleek and sumptuously appointed living spaces. Customized to cater to our guests' unique preferences, our Suite Rooms go beyond mere comfort, providing an accommodation experience that is both premium and irresistibly attractive.

Single - Rs. 2500 || Double - Rs. 3000


Hotel Doon's Pride is situated in the heart of the town with it's host of designer rooms in a variety of style and decor, giving you a choice to select an ideal room to match your personal likes and expectations.


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